As a landlord, you’ll need these as they’re a legal requirement. If part or the whole of your property is equipped with gas appliances and being rented to tenants, you have to make sure the pipe work, appliances, ventilation and flues are in proper and safe working condition for the safety of your tenant/s. You need a Gas Safe Registered engineer to carry out your gas safety check every year, and you must present your tenant/s with a copy of the gas safety record your engineer will give you within 28 days of the check being carried out. You must also tell your tenant/s how to turn off the gas supply in the event of a gas leak. At WYPS, we are qualified, Gas-Safe registered and insured*, and can carry out your checks with minimal fuss and cost to you, explain anything required to put right within the household and help you maintain your gas bits and bobs in a safe condition whilst you are renting space out.

*information available upon request