Annual servicing is an excellent precautionary measure to reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns, and we can make sure that your current system is operating to its very best, protect against Carbon Monoxide poisoning and prolong your appliances lifespan.

This particularly applies to boilers and gas fires.

Boiler servicing involves cleaning, testing, pre-emptive fault spotting and general checking of your boiler. All manufacturers recommend you to have your boiler serviced annually, though we’ll do a health check anyway if you’re having problems with your old boiler, and need us to come out. There’s no point in fixing something only for you to have to call us out again the next week with a different problem if we can try and spot it first time around. All our engineers are extensively checked prior to employment in order to ensure we consistently meet a high standard of workmanship expected by our customers.

West Yorkshire Plumbing Gas Servicing