vrc-470f-large-large (1)You have a choice of what kind of controls you have to manage your boiler. The more sophisticated the control the more flexibility you have of your heating system.

Our weather compensating controls allow you to fine tune your heating system, giving you even more control. These controls allow you to turn your system on or off at different times of the week or weekend, and continually monitoring the outdoor temperature, adapt to give you the desired room temperature at all times.

The VRC 470f wireless control passes all this information from the control to your boiler, without the need for any wires.

Its blue backlit screen and plain text display make the VRC 470f easy and clear to understand. Only two push buttons and one rotary knob are needed to select and change data.

Even more, when you go on holiday the VRC 470f has a holiday set-back function, which reduces the temperature in your property and heats it up before you come back home.

It is important to check that the controls you would like are compatible with your system and boiler; your installer will be able to help you with this.

Features and Benefits

  • Intelligent time and temperature control for heating and domestic hot water
  • Supplied with outdoor sensor which monitors the outdoor temperature
  • Receiver and unit can be fascia or wall mounted
  • Cylinder boost function
  • Automatic Summer/Winter time change over function
  • Holiday function